I was having a conversion with my aunt in the middle of Anthropologie and she asked me, “what’s one word that describes me?” The word that she chose for herself was resilient and the word that I chose for her was fixed. She then went on to say that she didn’t like the F or X in the word “fixed.” Then and there, I should’ve used the word, “selective” or “picky” or maybe even “annoying” to describe her (love you too <3). I obviously asked her to describe me using one word and she initially chose the word powerful. Later on, she changed this and chose the word “mindful.” She said that that’s the word she’s going to stick with because I immediately smiled when she said it. I thought to myself, “Sabrina would be so proud!” I was intrigued by this question, as I’m intrigued by many other questions, and decided to text a few individuals. My text read: “one word to describe yourself?” These were the answers I received: 








And last but certainly not least, extra. 

What do you think upon reading these responses? Do you think it’s possible to describe the intricacies of our personalities using one word? Does your word encompass you as a whole or simply a part of you? Are you helpful in most, if not all, situations? Are you bubbly in most, if not all, situations? Would your closest friends and family describe you this way as well? Does it matter? Limiting our personalities to one word may be silly but I think that the point of this question is to help us begin or continue the self-reflection process. This is certainly one of my favorite questions and if it’s yours, ask as many people as possible and see what answers you get. See if this question sparks an excellent conversation between you and a friend. See if this question teaches you something about someone you may not have known beforehand. But most importantly, think about you. Always think about you. 

Yours truly, 

The mindful lesbian