No silicone. 

One of my friends asked me what my coming out story is and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about how unacceptable homosexuality continues to be. We love to say, “put yourself in my shoes,” but I’m not sure if we all know what that means. Plus, most straight people can’t even imagine what being gay is like. Here’s another flaw with our society, but I’m not going to get into it… Just yet. What I’d like to do is help people walk in the shoes of someone who is gay. But actually walk in their shoes, not pretend to. Here it goes.. 

Have you ever had someone tell you any of the following things? 

1. You can’t wear that 

2. You can’t say that 

3. You can’t buy that 

4. You can’t eat that 

5. You can’t feel that 

6. You can’t drink that 

7. You can’t touch that 

Have you ever had someone dictate your life? (Keyword: your). When you tell someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or queer that they CAN’T be who they are, you’re attempting to dictate their life. You’re dictating their life the same way your parents may have dictated and continue to dictate yours. The same way a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife may have tried to dictate yours. The same way a teacher may have tried to dictate your life. Think about the times you’ve heard the word “can’t.” Think about how you felt when someone told you that you can’t do something. I bet you felt the urge to do the complete opposite. You probably wanted to turn those CANTS into CANS. You probably wanted to make choices on your own. You probably wanted to live your life based on your standards, not someone else’s. Let’s all do each other a favor and stop trying to dictate someone else’s life. 

Love is natural. 

Therefore, being gay IS natural. 

Yours truly,

The natural lesbian 😉 


Fruit of life

What is the fruit of your life? First of all, what does this even mean? Is the fruit of life synonymous with happiness? I’ll give you a few examples of what “fruit of life” means to me.

Fruit of life is losing track of time. It’s checking the time, realizing it’s super late and saying to yourself, “Maybe I should go to sleep so that I’m not falling asleep at work which is where I’ll be in about 6-7 hours.” You realize that this lack of sleep is going to fuck you over in a few hours but you don’t even care because you’re enjoying the moment. Enjoying the moment is something that many of us struggle with. It’s difficult for us to enjoy today because we’re concerned with tomorrow. It’s difficult for us to enjoy tomorrow because we’re concerned with next month. It’s even difficult for us to enjoy this exact moment because we’re thinking about what we’re going to be doing two hours from now. My word of advice is to enjoy the moments where time does not matter. The moments when cellphones don’t matter. Her post on Instagram doesn’t matter and his tweet doesn’t matter. Your e-mails don’t matter. Nothing matters besides the exact moment that you’re in.

Fruit of life is being comfortable in your own skin. It’s taking your shirt off and not thinking about the weight you want to lose. It’s taking your bra off and not thinking about the C or D cup you want. It’s taking your pants off and not thinking about the cellulite or the stretch marks on your thighs. Being naked is intended to be liberating; is it not? It’s difficult for many of us to look at our naked body, let alone someone else. But what if that someone thinks that the size of your breasts are just right? What if that someone kisses your thighs as though the cellulite and stretch marks don’t exist? What if that person’s idea of beauty is you? If they can so easily think that beauty’s definition has a picture of you next to it, why can’t you think the same? If your idea of beauty is someone you see on TV, I’m sorry (not really) but that’ll never be you. But what’s even more important is that it doesn’t matter. Your body is a result of YOUR genes, YOUR eating habits, YOUR level of fitness. Love your body effortlessly. Enjoy your naked body just as much as the person making love to it does.

Fruit of life is doing the things you enjoy doing without remorse. It’s having that drink after work. It’s eating that donut you’ve been craving. It’s having sex when you’re horny. It’s smoking that blunt you’ve been wanting to smoke. It’s booking that flight. It’s buying that expensive outfit. It’s doing things without attaching any negative thoughts and feelings to them. It’s enjoying yourself…effortlessly.

Fruit of life is the fountain of youth.

The things that make you happy keep you young at heart.

Stay young.

Yours truly,

Young lez 😉

“I might be a good liar but my pussy isn’t.”


The content in this blog may be shocking, upsetting, or even unbelievable for those who are in complete denial. 🙂

So let’s talk about sex. Many people are under the impression that “lesbians CAN’T have sex.” Many of these same people are also under the impression that lesbian sex equals scissoring. Being the lesbian that I am, though I don’t have experience with multiple partners, I can tell you that lesbian sex does not ALWAYS equal scissoring. However, I am going to say something that may upset many of you: lesbian sex IS better sex. Here’s why:

Women normally and typically have clitoral orgasms. CLITORAL AKA CLIT. The reason why I’m putting so much emphasis on this word is because, well, IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. No, but seriously, most women will not orgasm when their boyfriend is fucking them in the missionary position which tends to be the most common position between a man and a woman and of course this position causes a male to orgasm. But if you and your boyfriend are constantly fucking in the missionary position, when are YOU experiencing an orgasm? In fact, there is actually an orgasm gap between men and women. Men tend to orgasm more often than women do. Why is this? Because he isn’t stimulating your clit the way that motherfucker should be!

I was speaking to a friend about this earlier and she said two very depressing things: 1. her pleasure did not matter to her for awhile and 2. at one point in her life, she didn’t know that women experience orgasms. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? In many heterosexual relationships, the man’s pleasure is put before the woman’s pleasure. In fact, our society as a whole tends to place more importance on a man’s pleasure as opposed to a woman’s pleasure. Men ALWAYS get off, women normally don’t. Sorry to break it to you fellas, but she’s probably been faking it. Don’t believe me? Watch this YouTube video:

So, do you guys get it yet? Women aren’t experiencing orgasms nearly as much as men are AND if you ever think she did, she was probably faking it. And they’re doing this all to protect your poor little ego so maybe you should try and find her clit. Once you do, lick it, rub it, do whatever you have to do until she ACTUALLY orgasms.

And no, I am not a man hater. But if all of these beautiful girls are going to be straight, I want to make sure that they’re cummin’ every single time! Yes ladies, this is possible. Show that man or even woman (for the less skilled lesbians or bisexuals) where that clit is!

It’s about damn time we start to focus on women’s sexual pleasure!

Yours truly,

The Clit-Loving Lesbian 😉