High notes. 

Killing someone to end their pain is such an interesting concept. It’s considered “an act of love” but has anyone thought about the actual event? Do people say it knowing that it’s really just a figure of speech or are they saying it because they’d actually do it? 

I was watching ‘Dexter’ on Netflix and a family friend of his is dying from lung cancer. Being that she thought the end of her life was near, she began to accept and embrace death. She let the pros of death outweigh the cons of living and was excited to unite with her husband in Heaven. (I should write a blog about this whole reuniting in Heaven thing). Oh and let’s keep in mind that this woman is in excruciating pain. So after accepting the fact that she was going to die, the doctors told her that she had more time to live. What do you know! She was actually upset about it, though you may believe the contrary to be true, and asked Dexter to kill her. Dexter, though a serial killer, had a tough time accepting his friend’s request. Later on in the episode, he’s having a conversation about death with his sister and his sister says she’d definitely want Dexter to kill her if she ever got really sick. Dexter was perplexed by this. I think that that’s what got me thinking. Dexter realized that he actually wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. Kill someone? Yes. But kill an innocent family member or friend? Nah nigga, chill. 

So again, we say we’d grant a dying person’s wish of being killed sooner. But would we? We say we’d take a bullet for someone we love. But would we? Would we inconvenience of lives in a major way for someone else’s convenience? Now maybe it would be a convenience to the dying person and therefore considered a convenience to the individual killing them, but I think it could potentially be too inconvenient. Inconvenient because we may have lifelong regret. Inconvenient because we may have lifelong guilt. I mean, if you tell someone that you killed your dying family member/friend because they asked you to, how do you think they’d react? 

I guess the only way we’d find out is if we were actually put into these situations. 

For now, let’s continue to be figurative. 

Yours truly, 

The ever so analytical lesbian