24 in 24 

I’m turning 24 years old in 24 hours… ish. 23 was an important year and I’d probably say it was the best year of my life. Here’s 24 reasons why: 

1) August 11, 2016 – my girlfriend treated me to a delicious meal at a REAL steakhouse #notoutback 😉 

2) I went to my first baseball game. The Mets lost, of course 😂

3) Volunteered at Global Citizen Festival for the first time. Thank you, Patrick! 

4) Witnessed one of my girlfriend’s dreams come true: she met her FAVORITE artist! 

5) Saw Beyoncé for the SECOND time that year! 

6) Completed my first Tough Mudder 💪🏼 

7) Visited Austin, TX for the first time. 

8) Went skydiving for the first time! 

9) Visited Canada for the first time and spent New Years in Montreal. 

10) Learned how to ski at Whiteface Mountain! Thank you, Kyle from ORDA, for organizing an amazing trip for us.


11) Went skiing for the SECOND time on Valentine’s Day. 

12) Went skiing for the THIRD time, this time at Mountain Creek. 

13) Seen and listened to two of my favorite women talk at BMCC, Chelsea Handler and Gloria Steinem. 

14) On our way to a two-week vacation in California! 

15) Fell in love with Palm Springs and San Jacinto State Park.


16) Came to the realization that Joshua Tree is my favorite national park thus far. 

17) Went camping for the very first time (that little, orange tent is ours). 

18) Hurt my neck looking up at the sequoias in Sequoia National Park. 

19) Enjoyed the picturesque Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park. 

20) Unexpectedly spent time in Las Vegas with my family from LA. 

21) Met my favorite spoken word artist, Rudy Francisco. 

22) Started rock climbing. Thank you, Brooklyn Boulders! Looking forward to becoming a #beast 💪🏼

23) Seen my favorite artist, J. Cole. 

24) And last but not least, here a few people that make every day worth it. 

I’m looking forward to 24 being just as full of adventure as 23 was. I want to learn more about myself, the ones I love, and life. I want to continue falling in love with nature, CMG, and new experiences. I want to be myself wholeheartedly. I want to be honest with myself and those around me. I want to live every day like it’s my last. 

And for those reading this, live your best life. Make a bucket list, make a list of what makes you happy and do it! If money is a problem, start a lemonade stand, start a GoFundMe, or wait until you have the money in place to make your dreams come true. It’ll be worth it when you’re telling your grandkids how much fun you had in your 20s. 😉 

Yours truly, 

The lesbian who wants to live life to its fullest on her birthday and the other 364 days of the year 

Perfectly lonely or quantity vs quality, either one works.

Yes, this blog has two titles.

You know, before I start writing, I have A LOT to say. I think about many things at once, but once I start writing, I kind of forget about everything I was thinking about and I end up writing a half-assed blog. It’s half-assed because it isn’t thorough. This blog is going to be thorough.

So, my birthday is coming up. As opposed to experiencing 24 hours of happiness, I usually experience many different emotions and a lot of these emotions are negative. I get really emotional because I have such high expectations which I know is my fault but I think that a lot of us have high expectations on this particular day of the year. Personally, I want to feel an abundance of love. I want to feel as though my birthday is important to people. I want to know that my existence matters. I want people to go above and beyond. But this doesn’t always happen. As a matter of fact, I’m usually unsatisfied and unfulfilled. It’s my fault, I know. I know I’m not being a good Buddhist by attaching such high expectations to my birthday. It’s something that I plan on changing and I plan on changing it with this upcoming birthday.

I’m going to spend most of my birthday by myself. I plan on sleeping in (always a blissful thing to do) and then taking a trip to Brooklyn. I plan on getting a coffee from a nearby coffee shop, going to a bookstore that I found online, and reading for hours. If Mother Nature decides to let the sun come out and play, I’ll read my book on the grass in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Maybe it’s kind of odd to want to spend your birthday like this but I’m really excited. I’m excited to spend time with me on my day. I’m excited to enjoy my existence. I’m excited to not worry about how many people also enjoy my existence. And that leads me to my second title: quantity vs quality.

I complain about the way my mom feels about gift giving all the time, especially around Christmas. She wants to see a lot of presents under the tree. She wants my sister and I to have a lot to open on Christmas morning and she also wants a lot to open on that special day. I try to stress to her that gift giving is about quantity and not about quality. I’d rather get ONE thing that I’ve been wanting for awhile as opposed to getting five things that I can live without. I should stop complaining about this though because I’ve been the same way for awhile. I have valued quality over quantity plenty of times, particularly with friends. This goes back to being emotional on my birthday. I want EVERYONE to know that it’s my birthday and expect EVERYONE to wish me a happy birthday. But why does it matter how many people wish me a happy birthday? This year all that matters is WHO wishes me a happy birthday. I’m going to place more value and express gratitude to those who wish me a happy birthday without a reminder from Instagram. Those who watch the clock and wait until 12 am to wish me a happy birthday. Those who call me and text me. Those birthday wishes are the ones that matter.

Pay attention to the birthday wishes that you receive and remember that quantity is more important than quality. I personally believe that it is better to be wholeheartedly loved by a few rather than insincerely loved by many.

Yours truly,

The trying to be perfectly lonely lesbian

PS: Thank you for the lesson.