Fiveheads are the new black

Have you ever wanted to change something about your physical appearance? Maybe your nose. Maybe your chin. Maybe your breasts. Maybe your weight. And I mean, the list goes on. This is a result of beauty standards. In our society, you shouldn’t be too skinny but you definitely shouldn’t be overweight. Your A cup breasts may not be enough, but your double D’s are too much. You may be too pale or you may very well be too dark. Does this “in-between” person even exist? And if this in-between person does exist and is the model for beauty, is she beautiful in everyone’s eyes? Of course she isn’t because beauty is absolutely in the eye of the beholder.

Our society attempts to give beauty a narrow definition, but this actually isn’t logical. Each and every one of us perceives things differently and I know that this seems like common sense but we forget all about this when we’re looking at ourselves in the mirror. We forget all about this when we’re cleaning our bodies in the shower. We forget all about this when we’re applying primer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, and mascara to our faces. We go to great extremes to cover up our imperfections. But whose to say that these are imperfections? You may not be a fan of your nose but I guarantee you that there are tons of people who’d think your nose is the cutest little thing! You may not be a fan of your body but there’s women who are taking diet pills to have a body just like yours. And don’t think that everyone wants to be skinny. There are plenty of skinny girls who wish that they were bigger. And please don’t ask them, “BUT WHY?!” Why? Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and their definition of beauty is different from yours.

There is not ONE thing that’s ugly in this world as there is not ONE thing that’s beautiful in this world. Well ok, maybe I’m exaggerating because there is one thing that’s ugly in this world: JUDGEMENT. And there is one thing that’s beautiful in this world: LOVE. So, with this being said, next time you take a look in the mirror and criticize one of your features, ask yourself, “BUT WHOSE TO SAY THIS IS UNATTRACTIVE?” Sure the kids on the playground may not have liked it and maybe your own family members don’t like it but on the other hand, there are tons of people who admire those features that you hate the most.

Please don’t be one of those people who gives beauty a narrow definition. Beauty is immeasurable. It’s boundless, it’s limitless. Your beauty is infinite!

Yours truly,

The beautiful because I fucking said so lesbian