Social media politics 

This is and has been a thing for quite some time. How about we take it back to MySpace and top 8? The first three spots on your top 8 were the most important, especially the first spot. Who was going to take that number one spot? Was it going to be your boyfriend/girlfriend? Your best friend? What if you had multiple best friends? Although it’s JUST MySpace and it’s JUST a top 8, we let it define our relationships with others. While your number one friend on MySpace feels great to have “earned” that spot, the rest of your friends are pissed, especially if one of those friends has you as their number one friend on their top 8. For some reason, the real life connection between you and your friends didn’t matter the moment that you chose your top 8. Okay, but who uses MySpace anymore? We’ll move on to Facebook. I currently do not have a Facebook so I am unaware of all of its politics, but I do have something to speak on: your relationship status. Oh no silly, not your REAL relationship status. Your Facebook relationship status. Why would I care if you’re in a relationship in real life? What matters is if you’re in a relationship on Facebook. And if you are in a real relationship but your status on Facebook is single, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE. How could you not change it? How could you not claim your boyfriend/girlfriend to all of your Facebook friends? What, are you embarrassed? You don’t want your high school friends to know that you’re in a relationship? All of a sudden, someone’s cheating. Wait… WHAT? EXACTLY! These are the conversations between people in relationships. Conversations that are dictated by and a result of social media. Shall we move onto Instagram now? You BETTER have pictures of you and your significant other EVERYWHERE. Man crush Monday? Woman crush Wednesday? Throwback Thursday to our first Christmas? Flashback Friday to our first New Years? I want it all. And if I don’t get it, it will be a conversation and it won’t be a good one. Readers, you know I’m right. We’re all guilty of it. We’re guilty of wanting to be someone’s man crush Monday #mcm or woman crush Wednesday #wcw. We’re guilty of wanting our partner to immediately change their relationship status on Facebook. We’re guilty of jumping for joy at the sight of being in someone’s top 8, especially that number one spot. It’s almost natural for us to react in these ways. It’s almost as though we cannot help BUT to feel this way. We have to help ourselves. If your relationship is good, let it be good. Do not ruin it by constantly arguing with your partner about social media. There’s better things to argue about like what’s for dinner and what to do on Sunday fun day. 

Take a step back next time you find yourself allowing what’s behind a screen to dictate your emotions. 

Yours truly,

The lesbian who’s Instagram is @evelynandreaxo 

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